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The Sinister Secret Of Saltmarsh 5E: A Guide For Adventurers

5E Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh 5e Page 5
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The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh is a popular adventure module for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Set in the coastal town of Saltmarsh, players are tasked with investigating a mysterious mansion that is rumored to be haunted. This guide will provide tips and insights for players and dungeon masters looking to run this adventure.

The Plot

The adventure begins with the players arriving in Saltmarsh and being hired by the town council to investigate a mansion on the outskirts of town. The mansion is believed to be abandoned, but strange occurrences have been reported. As the players explore the mansion, they will uncover a sinister plot involving smugglers, pirates, and a dangerous cult.

Part 1: The Mansion

The first part of the adventure takes place in the mansion. The players will need to explore the various rooms and uncover clues that will lead them to the next part of the adventure. They will encounter traps, puzzles, and enemies as they navigate the mansion.

Part 2: The Smugglers

The second part of the adventure takes the players to a nearby smuggler's hideout. Here they will face off against the smugglers and their leader, a dangerous pirate named Sanbalet. The players will need to use their wits and combat skills to defeat the smugglers and discover their connection to the mansion.

Part 3: The Cult

The final part of the adventure takes the players to a hidden underground temple where they will confront the cultists behind the sinister plot. The cultists are led by a powerful priestess named Skerrin Wavechaser who is attempting to summon a powerful sea monster to destroy Saltmarsh. The players will need to stop the ritual and defeat Skerrin and her cultists before it's too late.

Tips for Players

- Pay attention to clues and notes found throughout the adventure. They will help you piece together the mystery. - Be prepared for combat encounters. The adventure has several challenging battles. - Use your skills and abilities creatively. The adventure rewards creative thinking. - Don't be afraid to ask questions and investigate. The more information you gather, the easier it will be to solve the mystery.

Tips for Dungeon Masters

- Read the adventure thoroughly before running it. There are many interconnected parts that require careful planning. - Use atmospheric descriptions to set the mood for the adventure. - Be prepared to improvise. Players may come up with unexpected solutions to problems. - Use the various factions in Saltmarsh to add depth to the adventure.


The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh is a classic adventure that has been updated for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. It offers a compelling mystery, challenging combat encounters, and a memorable cast of characters. With the tips and insights provided in this guide, players and dungeon masters can make the most of this adventure and create a memorable gaming experience.